What will you learn?

  • • 275/5000 Find out why Marketing 3.0 is Human
  • • Discover the 3 I's of your brand
  • • Learn how to create the mission and values of your company
  • • Understand your values as a competitive differential
  • • Learn to sell sustainability to your shareholders
  • • Discover the profile of the new consumer

This book is ideal for

  • • Marketing professionals interested in innovating
  • • Entrepreneurs who want to get out in front of competitors
  • • Curious teachers and marketing students

Who wrote the book?

Hermawan Kartajaya is an Indonesian author and speaker in the field of marketing studies. In 2000, Kartajaya co-authored "Repositioning Asia: A Bubble of Sustainable Economy" with Philip Kotler. In it, they analyzed why the Asian crisis of 1997 occurred, and outlined what governments and businesses in the region could do to develop more sustainably in the future. Hermawan Kartajaya is founder and CEO of MarkPlus, Inc., Indonesia's largest marketing consulting firm. It was considered by the Chartered Institute of Marketing one of the "50 gurus who shaped the future of marketing." It is a unique combination of a thinker of strategic business concepts, particularly in marketing... (Read more)

Iwan Setiawan is a consultant at MarkPlus Inc, where he helps companies create innovative marketing strategies. He was also known for his collaboration with Phillip Kotler in marketing 3.0. Iwan Setiawan serves as Chief Operating Officer of MarkPlus, Inc. (www.markplusinc.com), where he helps companies develop their marketing strategies. He... (Read more)

Born in Chicago in the United States in 1931, Philip Kotler first attended DePaul University for two years in his hometown and earned his master's degree from the University of Chicago. After his master's degree, Kotler earned his Ph.D. in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT. In addition to his two economics degrees, Kotler has a postdoctoral degree from Harvard University in mathematics and one in behavioral sciences from the University of Chicago.... (Read more)