Hermawan Kartajaya - 12min

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Hermawan Kartajaya

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Hermawan Kartajaya is an Indonesian author and speaker in the field of marketing studies. In 2000, Kartajaya co-authored "Repositioning Asia: A Bubble of Sustainable Economy" with Philip Kotler. In it, they analyzed why the Asian crisis of 1997 occurred, and outlined what governments and businesses in the region could do to develop more sustainably in the future. Hermawan Kartajaya is founder and CEO of MarkPlus, Inc., Indonesia's largest marketing consulting firm. It was considered by the Chartered Institute of Marketing one of the "50 gurus who shaped the future of marketing." It is a unique combination of a thinker of strategic business concepts, particularly in marketing. He wrote five international books with Philip Kotler - the father of Modern Marketing. His latest book, Marketing 3.0, is world-renowned and has been translated into 23 languages ​beyond English. Your marketing concepts can also be found in the Global Marketing books and Global Marketing Principles by Warren Keegan, the renowned global specialist in global marketing. To help Southeast Asian companies grow, he founded the premier professional services company, Markest, Inc., in Southeast Asia, in the area of ​​consulting, research and marketing training.

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