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New Year, New You, New Heights. 🥂🍾 Kick Off 2024 with 70% OFF!

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New Year, New You, New Heights. 🥂🍾 Kick Off 2024 with 70% OFF!

We exist for you
to learn more. To learn faster.

We are a company of education and personal development. We want you to become a better person, consuming high quality content, despite the rush of everyday life. We are mobile. Fast. Agile. Digital. We want to change the world with each microbook and make accessible the complex concepts that previously needed 200 pages to be explained. That's 12 minutes. This is your valued time and your brain with steroids.


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Do you have 12 minutes to learn something new today?

Each microbook is a short summary, straight to the point with the key concepts of a book we admire, an author we admire. We handpick each microbook. This allows you to learn the best from each work and delve into just what you care deeply about. Each microbook is unique, authorial and we invest a lot of time and effort to create it.

Do you take buses? Wait for the subway? Do you like to read on your cell phone?

We compile each work so that it is simple, straight to the point, but above all, easy to consume. Are you late for your meeting? Are you expecting friends for a date? Bank queue? These are small moments that you can now enjoy in a much smarter way.

Do you want to read more books? Want to retain content better?

We love books and never want to compete with them. In fact, we'll make you read and buy more books. You bet. Each microbook is written by us with care, so that you understand the key concepts of a book, but also in a way that arouses your interest to buy the book and read the entire work. Did not like our microbook? Not interested in the subject? All right, choose the next one and save your time. Nobody needs 2 hours to find out they did not like a particular book.

Each microbook is unique, original and made with love.

We read each of these books, so you do not have to read 30 pages to find out you did not like a book. From each book, we extract the key concepts and create a new content, authentic and straight to the point. It's not just a summary. It is a conceptual piece, made with affection by a genius of our team that brings you only the best of every great work you have not yet read.