What will you learn?

  • • Discover the 5 disciplines of Peter Senge and how they impact your company
  • • Learn how to develop each of them in a practical way
  • • Understand the concept of systemic thinking to understand your company as a whole
  • • Find out how feedback cycles work
  • • Understand how to really create a learning company
  • • Learn how to create a shared vision for everyone in the business.

Who wrote the book?

Born in 1949, he studied engineering at Stanford and heads the consulting firm Innovation Associates. Professor and director of the Center for Organizational Learning at MIT, an idealist pragmatist, Senge published in the university and business environment the concept of the learning organization, which considers the source of competitive advantage of the future. Author of the bestsellers Fifth Discipline and The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, argues that the new challenges of the new age require not only the radical transformation of business but also that of schools and governments. It, therefore, recommends the formation of change centers on a global scale. Pe... (Read more)