Talking to Humans2 - Critical summary review - Giff Constable

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Talking to Humans2 - critical summary review

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Marketing & Sales and Corporate Culture & Communication
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ISBN: 978-0990800927

About the summary

You need to talk to a prospect, but you do not know where to start? Ever wanted to understand what is the feedback from consumers about a prototype of the company? This book is a practical guide to learning how to conduct interviews and deal with the most qualitative aspects of customer development. You'll learn how to structure and conduct effective interviews, find the right candidates, and generate results from these interviews. The author also talks about how you can use the prototypes in the best possible way, gathering data and identifying patterns that will help you in making decisions. If you want to develop products aimed at your customers, with efficient solutions, read this book with us!

Who wrote the book?

Giff Constable is a repeat entrepreneur who has built and sold several successful startups. Currently serving as the chief product officer at Meetup (part of the We Company), Constable is best known as the author of “T... (Read more)

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