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Aaron Ross


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Aaron Ross is one of the world's top b2b / SaaS sales specialists. He worked for the Salesforce.com team when he discovered a lead generation process that generated more than $ 100 million in sales for the company. In 2002 he joined Salesforce (CRM), the largest SaaS company in the world, and created a small group of people to create a new approach to prospecting. He not only did his job well, but he also managed to add $ 100 million to the company's revenue in only a few years using the prospecting method he developed. From this, in 2011 he co-wrote with Marylou Tyler a book called "Predictable Revenue" in which he details the process and teaches how this model can be replicated in other organizations. The result could not be better, with the book reaching # 1 on Amazon's bestseller list and earning the admiration of professionals around the world.

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