The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Critical summary review - Joseph Murphy

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The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - critical summary review

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This microbook is a summary/original review based on the book: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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ISBN: 9783720527026

Publisher: Road to Success

Critical summary review

Have you ever pondered about your real potential? Are you merely a wave tossed into the endless ocean or the ocean itself?

Society has not done a great job when it comes to empowering individuals to delve into their sense of self. When you think about it, you are a prisoner without a number, not aware of your captivity, put away in a self-created cell, stripped of the ability to mastermind your escape.

The author has exerted himself to bring these delusions to light and compels you to question the social restrictions and norms imposed upon you.

Needless to say, unraveling the mysteries that are going around in our heads is as tough as it gets, which is a testament to the arduous journey one must take to truly understand them.

In this microbook, you’ll come across many life-changing theories that will crash your inner world and help you reach a higher vantage point.

Climb aboard!

The Mind - A Friend or Foe

You don’t need us telling you that one mind is all each one of us has. Nonetheless, this questionable and mysterious mental perception consists of:

  • Conscious Mind
  • Subconscious Mind

The first part belongs to what can be best described as the “objective” reality. It allows you to make choices, reach agreements, assess predicaments, etc. It’s also labeled as the “surface” mind.

The second and somewhat mythical one is the subconscious mind. It is engraved deep into your “core self” making it the “sleeping mind.” The subconscious entity is the stage, whereas the conscious body represents the actors on stage.

This metaphorical expression should allow you to see the big picture and understand the role of both.

The Fundamental Elements of the Mind

It’s needless to say that you can tip the balance in your favor by learning the ropes of how your mind works. So, the privilege of executing everyday tasks goes to the conscious element, while the subconscious one is in charge of evaluating the actions of these tasks.

It’s like a deep ocean: you’ll never know what’s hiding at the bottom. In addition, being happier is merely the end result of a broad understanding of how your mind and its core functions operate.

The thinking, as we said, goes to the consciousness, and that’s why if you send positive vibes to the universe, you’ll be on the receiving end of positive affirmations.

It’s like a boomerang throw, as simple as that.

Be obsessed with negative thoughts, and you’ll slowly start to plunge into a deep depression. The universal energies are not as complex as you might have imagined.

According to the author, the subconscious mind is like an obedient soldier who follows orders given by the conscious entity.

In other words, your subconsciousness is open to receive commands and interpret them to your best interest.

These orders or norms arrive in the form of suggestions, which the subconscious mind is entitled to portray as it feels. How your body reacts and what kind of thoughts you nurture will all be transmitted into the invisible entity.

After all, you are accorded the privilege of organizing the chatter of various internal phenomena.

This process helps you understand how “negative suggestions” can impact your well-being, affect your temper, and instigate fear. Joseph states that “pessimistic autosuggestions” are insanely powerful and can quickly put you in a phase of jeopardy.

This paradoxical (but also convenient) way of operating gives the subconscious mind a new feature – its obedience.

It doesn’t question your demands and absorbs “syllogism”- which, in layman's terms, indicates that whatever you endorse or consider to be true, your subconscious will do likewise.

In our opinion, the best description for functioning this way is ”you reap what you sow.” Fill your head with meaningless concepts, and that’s what you’ll eventually have in the end. Marinate on that for a minute.

In truth, what separates happy from miserable people? If you want a straightforward answer, you’re going to get one – the way they handle the subconscious entity.

They understand their limitless, freedom and ability to get in touch with the infinite source of energy.

The harmonious state exists in the subconscious mind, but only if you allow it to be. If you only go with the flow and don’t fight the life’s current, you’ll automatically be in that position.

Nonetheless, paving your own way with total disregard for intrinsic urges will stimulate negative sensations.

The goal of this book is to teach you how you can blend the conscious and subconscious to the maximum extent. We also like to portray the subconsciousness as a mirror, which reflects your doings on the outside.

In most things in life, you need to push harder to get to your wanted destination. When it comes to your subconscious mind, sometimes less is best. By believing in your cause and getting rid of harmful tendencies, you’ll spontaneously reach your goals and satisfy your cravings.

The Myth and Reality of the Subconscious Mind

Aware or not, your subconscious plays a pivotal role in your life, in particular, your well-being.

The way you handle everyday issues, emotional outbursts, and psychological setbacks speak about your attitude and understanding of the hidden self.

Some people prefer to call this energy God, others Infinity – it doesn’t quite matter how you name it, what does matter is your faith in it. Once you learn to say “no” to the meaningless and trivial limitations that have infiltrated your mind, you might catch a glimpse of happiness.

Happiness is a choice, not a God-given gift. If you decide to take firm control of your destiny, happiness will follow.

Sometimes we feel indebted to people who have shown us the way, but mostly this is the path that your heart has already chosen on your behalf.

Living in the now is perhaps the best advice you’ll ever going to get. Don’t roam around in the unforeseeable future but remain consistent and allow your mind to cherish the present reality.

Once the pain and the urges for interpreting the past or wishing for a better future are gone, you are good to go. A word of caution: don’t become one of those people who are prepared to sacrifice their blissfulness in order to get attention.

A vast majority of the population seeks salvation from the outside. For instance, in order to have a lovely marriage, filled with understanding and mutual trust, there must be a spiritual connection between the partners.

In a symbolic manner, it’s pretty accurate to say that you’ll attract a partner whose traits are complementary to your subconscious mind.

Furthermore, if you wish to find an intelligent, confident, and caring life-companion, you need to express that desire.

Many individuals these days complain due to the lack of synergy between partners, but that’s only a byproduct of the messages conveyed through their subconscious.

Tackle these harmful inclinations by nurturing a positive mindset, through prayer and self-contemplation. On top of that, try not to turn your marriage into a business! You don’t need to go after the perfect partner at any cost, but work on your self-expression and give the Universe enough room to do its job.  

Try not to take two steps forward and three steps back by following unclear directions. If you are not sure which road is the right one, stay calm and contemplate through meditation and prayer.

The ignorant part of the mind will jump to give its conclusion and force you into negative thinking.

Beware of these tendencies by anticipating its reaction. A common mistake most people make is complaining about the partner to other people. They are just empowering the negative thoughts to take over and destroy the sacred union.

A helpful technique you can use is to never, under no circumstances, treat today’s problems as tomorrow’s matters.

Forgive one another daily, and pray at dinner or before you hit the rack. This doesn’t seem like much, but it is a huge morale boost for any couple.

Doing more things together and forgiving rather than memorizing everything will definitely help you strengthen the bond.

Convey harmony, love, and understanding. If you believe that constructive criticism is useful, then use it, but try not to be too harsh.

Be an advocate for compassion, not judgment.

Find the Healing Method

Finding a healing method is a throwback to ancient times and the Middle Ages when people reported miracles in various forms. Even these days, this sort of occurrences leave a trace in society. Mixed with cultural and religious paradigms, most people associate these “wonders” with God.

Upon finishing the healing procedures through God’s disciples on Earth, the person would feel an instant change.

First and foremost, not all people believe in this kind of stories, and that’s okay, but the meaning behind it is that everything is possible with the right mindset. The herbs and rituals, respectively given and conducted by the priests, had a placebo effect, which urged the person to believe in the healing.

Tackling the previous state of mind was made possible through an “auto-suggestion mode” which the subconscious interprets and responds to. By accepting the healing, the person rises and embraces his or her new reality.

The author emphasizes that this effect can take place, once you have abandoned the negative thoughts and shifted your attention inwardly! Thence, don’t dream about the future, but only incorporate the same vision into the present moment.

In the same fashion, you should direct your efforts toward the final destination. Remain focused during the process, and subdue your impulses to judge the situation.

By staying positive through prayer and other methods, you’ll send positive affirmations to the Universe, and enable the spiritual healing to kick in.

The same approach can be used to achieve any aspired goal. With the help of visualization, your subconscious mind will understand your cravings and provide a response that manifests your deepest urges in body and mind.

This will create a mental picture that takes you one step closer to your desired accomplishment.

Rinse and repeat until you master the “universal principles,” and understand how it affects your well-being. Although our perception of what it is to be sensibly well-off keeps altering, the bar keeps rising to unmeasurable scales.

Expressing gratitude can get the ball rolling, and helps conquering your own mind. Tackle the false reality, and set an agenda fit to your needs.

Sleep deprivation can also turn out to be a big issue. You need at least six hours a day to function properly, perhaps even more. Even when your body is in a state of deep relaxation, your subconscious mind remains active.

You should learn how to relax your body and commit to sleep to have a tenacious grip on your life.

Be Open-Minded

Control emotional unrest by trying to talk some sense to your partner and the people around you, and see who is adding fuel to the fire.

Don’t raise your tone when discussing these matters; try to get into the shoes of the other person to see things from their point of view.

People get anxious when propelled to change their mindset, so take it easy.

This will also act as a healing mechanism because being determined to alter your habits can be regarded as a path to prosperity in all shapes. In the process, try to refrain yourself from diving deep into the painful past and the uncertain future.

The truth of the matter is that by practicing faith and visualizing in the present moment, you’ll remain vigilant and on full alert.

The goal is to endure in this battle and understand how the subconscious mind works.

The Bible states that you’ll receive in conformity with your faith. So bear this in mind when attempting to heal yourself and act accordingly.

Final Notes

This classic's first edition was originally published back in 1962. Since then, due to the evergreen tips and quotes, the value of the book hasn’t diminished.

It’s still one of the most life-changing books ever written. It comes as no surprise that many generations have praised it and continue to do so.

12min Tip

You might want to have a glimpse of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and explore the depths of the conscious mind and how it affects its counterpart.

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Who wrote the book?

Joseph Murphy (1898-1981) was a naturalized American of Irish descent who worked as a pharmacist before embarking on a spiritual quest. A doctor in psychology and author to more than 50 books, his most known classic... (Read more)

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