What will you learn?

  • • How to deal with bottlenecks in your production processes
  • • How to align production to the need of the market
  • • How to adopt the theory of constraints and what are their benefits
  • • How to increase profitability by reducing company's still money

Who wrote the book?

Eliyahu Moshe Goldratt was an Israeli physicist, management consultant and one of the proponents of Theory of Restrictions. As a good physicist, Goldratt claimed to use the scientific method to solve organi... (Read more)

Jeff Cox is a freelance writer specializing in writing nonfiction fictions, co-authoring 7 of these books, which include The Meta, Zapp, and Selling the Wheel. Jeff Cox was called "a master of conveying business concepts through an interesting story". He is a creative writer with the focused on business. Working with consultants and editors, he writes creative business books that sell ideas. More than 15 million copies of books written by Jeff have been sold around the world.... (Read more)