What will you learn?

  • • Discover the book that founded the lean startup movement
  • • Understand the customer development process
  • • Get out of the office to learn more
  • • Learn how different markets ask for different strategies
  • • Your company is not a miniature version of a large company
  • • Learn to build a solid, repeatable and scalable company

This book is ideal for

  • • New and old entrepreneurs who need tips to leverage business
  • • Sellers who need to broaden their knowledge of the market
  • • Curious about business models

Who wrote the book?

Steve Blank is a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur and an entrepreneurship scholar based in Pescadero, California. Blank is recognized for developing the Customer Development methodology, which laid the foundation for the Lean Startup movement. The author is also the co-founder of E.piphany. Blank has been in the technology industry for over thirty years. He founded or worked on eight startup companies, four of which went public. Blank Tech's Tech Talk, The Secret History of Silicon Valley, offers a broadly accepted insight into Sili... (Read more)