Ted: Talk, Convince, Touch - Critical summary review - Carmine Gallo

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Ted: Talk, Convince, Touch - critical summary review

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Technology & Innovation and Corporate Culture & Communication
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ISBN: 9781466837270

Publisher: Editora Independente/Não Encontrada

About the summary

Inspired by the famous lectures on technology, education, and design, Carmine Gallo wrote “Ted: Talk, Convince, Touch” to help those who want to make presentations with more confidence and authority. An engaging narrative can persuade customers, employees, investors, and stakeholders that your business, product, or idea is worth their time.

Who wrote the book?

Carmine Gallo is an American columnist, author, keynote speaker, and former news anchor and journalist. Featured in outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Success Magazine and Bloomberg. Gallo’s b... (Read more)

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