What will you learn?

  • • Learn how to use Sprint methodology
  • • Take your designs off the paper
  • • Solve problems quickly and effectively
  • • Learn to be functional and useful to your customer

This book is ideal for

  • • How to improve the efficiency of your team with basic actions
  • • How to climb an efficient team for your sprint
  • • What to do every day of your sprint
  • • How to prepare to launch a product on the market
  • • What MVP is and how to create products that fully meet customer needs

Who wrote the book?

Jake Knapp is a design partner for Google Ventures. He designed Ventures' sprint process and had already put in more than 80 sprints on startups like About.me, Nest, Blue Bottle Coffee and Foundation Medicine. He has lectured on design at Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Columbia University. Jake has also been responsible for Google's des... (Read more)

John Zeratsky is a designer at GV and co-author of the Sprint book. He was a design leader on YouTube and one of the first contributors to FeedBurner, acquired by Google in 2007. John has written about... (Read more)