Love and Be Free - Critical summary review - Sri Prem Baba
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Love and Be Free - critical summary review

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Sex & Relationships and Lifestyle
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Publisher: Editora Independente/Não Encontrada

About the summary

In “Love and Be Free,” Sri Prem Baba, as a psychologist and a spiritual thinker, shares his insight on sex, relationships, and self-realization. He asserts that sexual fantasies keep us hostage and hinder our readiness to embrace deeper and more honest relationships.

Who wrote the book?

Sri Prem Baba was born as Janderson Fernandes de Oliveira in São Paulo and is a former psychologist. He is a yoga teacher and shaman, considered a master teacher in the Sachcha spiritual tradition. Prem Baba founded the Sachcha Mission Ashram... (Read more)

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