What will you learn?

  • • Family or career? How to prioritize each one
  • • Women need to take leadership roles
  • • Despite the advances of the feminist movement, much remains to be done
  • • Find out why women earn less than their male counterparts
  • • Understand why equality should start at home
  • • Discover how to face veiled sexism

This book is ideal for

  • • Women who want to learn to deal with sexist situations at work
  • • Leaders who need to manage diverse teams
  • • All people who understand that equal treatment should start at home but need tips to apply this concept

Who wrote the book?

Sheryl Sandberg é a diretora de operações (COO) do Facebook. Antes de trabalhar no Facebook, ela era vice presidente de vendas online e operações no Google. Ela também passou pelo tesouro americano onde ela era chefe de gabinete.... (leia mais)