What will you learn?

  • • Discover how to create products that customers love
  • • Learn to find good product managers
  • • Know what the responsibilities of the product manager are
  • • Understand how to structure a product team
  • • Understand the roles of a product team
  • • Discover how to use prototypes to validate ideas early

This book is ideal for

  • • Sellers and entrepreneurs
  • • Managers who need tips to attract the best professionals in the market
  • • Entrepreneurs and all the people who are attracted by business and sales

Who wrote the book?

Marty is the founder of the Silicon Valley Product Group, as well as author and speaker. He has helped hundreds of companies create products that customers love through their research and consulting work. Has held executive product positions on eBay, AOL, Netscape, Continuus, and HP; start-ups and the Fortune 500. Responsible for business strategy, product strategy, product management, product design, user experience and product development process for leading Interne... (Read more)