What will you learn?

  • • Dale Carnegie's book shows you how kindness makes you more susceptible to getting what you want
  • • How to present yourself and be more sociable in any environment
  • • How to derive the best from a relationship with personal skills
  • • How to be a good leader using interpersonal relationship strategies

This book is ideal for

  • • Those who wish to improve their interpersonal relationships
  • • Who wants to be a sociable and influential leader
  • • You who want to be seen as an authority by people close to or strangers.

Who wrote the book?

Dale Breckenridge Carnegie was an American writer and speaker. He wrote best-sellers How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936) and How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. Thanks to his success, he became a world leader and wrote columns in several newspapers and had his own radio program. He founded what is now a worldwide network of more than 2,700 instructors and offices in approximately 90 countries around the world.... (Read more)