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Crush It! - critical summary review

Crush It! Critical summary review
Self Help & Motivation and Career & Business
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ISBN: 978-0061914171

Publisher: HarperStudio

About the summary

Do you have a hobby or an obsession that will keep you up all night, if need be? This is the perfect time to learn how to work doing what you love! In this book, author Gary Vaynerchuk shows how you can build a brand, become a known specialist and make money from your passions! You will learn how the power of the internet and social networks have changed the relationship of business with your customers, and also how you can take advantage of it to make money doing what you love!

Who wrote the book?

Gary Vaynerchuk is a Belarusian American vine critic, author, and entrepreneur. He managed to grow the business he inherited from his father, a liquor store, from making 3 million dollars a year to making 60 m... (Read more)