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Marc Benioff


Born in:

Mr. Benioff is the CEO and founder of Salesforce, the largest CRM and Software as a Service (SaaS) company in the world. It has transformed the way software is distributed through cloud computing. He is the creator of the term "platform-as-a-service" and has expanded Salesforce's reach, enabling customers to build their own applications in the company's architecture or in the Salesforce cloud. Benioff is a remarkable philanthropist. In 2000, he established the "1-1-1 model", by which the company contributes one percent of the product, one percent of the equity and one percent of the hours worked for the communities it serves globally. As CEO of Salesforce, he addressed social causes such as equal pay for women as well as key efforts by business leaders to publicly oppose Indiana and Georgia legislation that would allow discrimination against LGBT communities.

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