Jack Welch


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John Frances Welch Jr. is an American executive. Author of several books, he currently advises a select group of Fortune 500 CEOs. His career began in General Electric in 1960 and in 1981 he became the eighth Chairman and CEO of the company. In his 20 years as CEO of General Electric, he took the company out of a large bureaucracy and applied various managerial innovations. When he retired from GE in 2001, Jack Welch wrote his autobiography, called JACK: Straight From The Gut (Jack, definitive in Portuguese). He also spends much of his time traveling around the world, talking to people at all levels of the company, answering his questions about dozens of broad topics. These encounters inspired another book, Winning. Jack Welch became famous in the business world through his achievements and management skills during his many years at General Electric (GE). Welch led the company for 20 years and increased GE's value from $ 13 billion to several hundred billion dollars. GE is a multinational service and technology company, the second largest company in the world. Welch was born in Salem, Massachusetts, USA. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Chemical Engineering, then went on to receive the doctoral degree as a Chemical Engineer at the University of Illinois. After graduating, Welch joined General Electric in 1960 as a chemical engineer, over time and with his aggressive marketing strategies of plastics, materials, consumer goods and company services, gained steady promotions.

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