The World Is Flat 3.0 - Critical summary review - Thomas L. Friedman

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The World Is Flat 3.0 - critical summary review

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ISBN: 978-0312425074

About the summary

In 'The World Is Flat', award-winning American journalist Thomas L. Friedman helps us understand how the world has become so flat because of globalization. In the book, the author tells different stories and examines issues crucial to world civilization, as well as addressing the new phase of globalization: globalization 3.0. It starts from the premise that globalization 3.0 has left the world flat, deconstructing the barriers between people, countries, and continents. With this, the United States and the developing countries, in particular, must learn to take advantage of globalization and to control the negative impacts of globalization if they are to continue to advance. The author looks at globalization in today's world, illustrates the effects and impacts of the internet and technology, illustrates the great historical events that have led to the current state of globalization, and explains how the US and other countries need to act to succeed in this situation. The book presents an analysis of globalization, its successes, and failures, from the point of view of a respected American journalist. Let's learn the ideas of Mr. Friedman in this micro-book?

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