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The Ultimate Question 2.0 - critical summary review

The Ultimate Question 2.0  Critical summary review
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ISBN: 1422173356, 978-1422173350

About the summary

Have you ever been asked, after purchasing a product or service, if you "would you recommend this product to a friend?" If yes, then your customer satisfaction was being evaluated using the NPS or Net Promoter Score. NPS has become an extremely popular methodology, adopted by companies like Google and Apple to measure its clients' successes. In his book, Fred Reichheld explains the concepts behind NPS and shows how it can help you grow your business. Also, you will understand how having a consumer-centric organization will help you achieve success. Want to find out how to use NPS to drive long-term growth in your business? Come with us!

Who wrote the book?

Fred Reichheld (1954) is a business consultant, bestselling author and co-founder of the NPS tool of management. Considered by many, as one of the leading consultants in the b... (Read more)