What will you learn?

  • • With this book by Sun Tzu, discover the rules of war
  • • Learn to study your opponents to win
  • • Understand how a general and a sovereign should work together to create a winning strategy
  • • Understand how to encircle the enemy before attacking
  • • Find out how not to be surprised by the opponent
  • • Master your men through maximum discipline

This book is ideal for

  • • Businesspeople who have to deal with various problems on a daily basis
  • • Entrepreneurs, investors, and executives who are in highly competitive environments
  • • Strategists looking for new ways to deal with day-to-day turbulence

Who wrote the book?

Sun Tzu was born in 544 BC and was a Chinese general, strategist and philosopher. Best known for his work The Art of War, which is composed of 13 chapters of military strategies. Sun Tzu, can also be spelled as Sunzi. Tzu is a title that means "Master." Traditionally, Sun Tzu has lived in China's Spring and Autumn Period (722 BC - 481 BC) as a general of King Hu Lu. One of Shiji's best-known stories about Sun Tzu describes his temperament as follows: before hiring Sun Tzu, the king of Wu tested his abilities by ordering him to train a harem of 180 concubines to become soldiers. Sun Tzu divided them into two companies, choosing to command them the king's two favorite concubines. When Sun Tzu ordered them to face each other on the floor, they laughed. As a reaction, Sun Tzu said that the... (Read more)