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New Year, New You, New Heights. 🥂🍾 Kick Off 2024 with 70% OFF!

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Are you sure you are giving your team access to the knowledge it needs to grow? Here you can...

12min helps your team gain access to the essential knowledge of 
better business books and non-fiction. Oh Yeah! The best insights of 
greatest authors, used in the day to day of your company.

Corporate plans give you

  • Unlimited access

    Hundreds of titles, authors and a lively community of readers to share knowledge and grow together

  • Mobile Learning

    Android, iPhone, tablets and PC. Let's dominate the devices on your team and your company. You get the best ideas anywhere.

  • Beyond the company

    On your cell phone, in traffic and between meetings. That's right, knowledge that goes beyond the boundaries of the office.

It's as if the company library had all the coolest titles on the market.

We summarize hundreds of books a year to ensure 
that your team is at the forefront of 
global knowledge.

To learn, you need tools. We are the Swiss Army Knife of knowledge.

In the age of knowledge, whoever learns faster wins. With 12min your team can  learn about entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, leadership, motivation and even  psychology.

Beyond the barriers
of the office.

Subway, bus or heavy traffic. These are perfect occasions  for your team to hear and learn about the newest ideas  in the market in their field!

You are one step away from revolutionizing your team. And we're here, ready to help!