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Startup Easy

Startup Easy Summary
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This microbook is a summary/original review based on the book: Startup Easy: A Step by Step Guide for Entrepreneurs

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About the summary

The Startup world entails a dose of complexity into it. Most people say that there is no perfect book for startups because the entire ecosystem is changing at a rapid pace. Generally speaking, it is challenging to stay updated with all the disruptive technologies that are surrounding us. According to Shishir, this book will clarify all your doubts about the Startup Ecosystem. The scheme contained in it, serves as a powerful reminder for everybody who wishes to explore the vast topic of startups. Shishir relates to these personalities by declaring them as : Cool people who wish to be crazy. After reading this microbook, you will have the main ideas that will provide the necessary knowledge of each and everything about the startup world.Also, you will be able to scale your startup successfully. If you are in some job, this book will give you the incentive to seek the best practices that can lead to best carrier positions. So, be ready for the promotions. So, what do you say? Jump on the bandwagon with 12min and let's dive into the main concepts of the Startup world!