What will you learn?

  • • How to focus better and develop your attention
  • • Exercises for directing your focus
  • • Creating awareness about your body
  • • Introducing yourself in the art of meditation
  • • Meditation techniques and when to use them

This book is ideal for

  • • Interested in focusing better and developing attention
  • • Teachers and practitioners of meditation
  • • All people who want to train the mind to live with less stress, fear and anxiety.

Who wrote the book?

Mark Williams é professor de Psicologia Clínica na Universidade de Oxford. Foi um dos criadores da terapia cognitiva baseada na atenção plena e é um dos autores de The Mindful Way Through Depression. É Professor de Psicologia Clínica na Univ. de Oxford e Diretor do Centro de Mindfulness de Oxford. Fez parte do Conselho de Investigação da Uni... (leia mais)