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Mind Is Your Business - critical summary review

Mind Is Your Business Critical summary review
Spirituality & Mindfulness
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ISBN: 2141425441, 978-2141425447

Publisher: End of Line Clearance Book

About the summary

The mind has a nonstop stream of thoughts, which are influenced by a complex web of previous experiences and societal norms. In “Mind Is Your Business,” Jaggi Vasudev explores the possibilities and pitfalls of the mind and tells us how to cultivate it for inner peace, joy, and effectiveness.

Who wrote the book?

Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic, and visionary that attempts to unravel the connection between the spirit and the physical body. He holds YouTube sessions and satsangs in which he discusses the importance of spiritual illumination. Sadhguru is often highlighted as one of the most prominent spiritual leaders in the modern age. The insights of Sadhguru regarding the mechanism of life are portrayed as a vigorous blow to conventional wisdom which often times preclude us from exploring the depths of existence. His life and work are a great reminder of the powerful thrust of practicing yoga, which is not an esoteric phi... (Read more)