Making Meaning2 Summary - Nathan Shedroff

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Making Meaning2

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ISBN: 978-0321552341

About the summary

With increasing competitiveness, how will companies meet the needs of consumers? This is their great challenge today. And it is a fact that, in today's economy, these consumers are looking for meaningful experiences in pursuit of a purpose when buying their products. In this book, the authors observe and define strategies for creating such experiences. Using examples from successful companies and defining practical actions on how to achieve these experiences, the book goes deeper into the subject and explains how you can deliver value to your customer. Learn how to integrate your business and get all departments or industries working together. All this so that you generate valuable experiences in your products and services, and thus achieve your goals.

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Former CEO of Cheskin, Darrel has been advising companies for more than 30 years. Apart from being an author, he is also a designer and researcher. A frequent lecturer at major events such as The Forbes CEO Conference... (Read more)

Nathan Shedroff is an entrepreneur, consultant, author, and speaker. In addition, he is also a professor of design, business, innovation at universities that lay the groundwork for the next generation of leaders in a world tha... (Read more)

Graduated in Public Policy from the University of Chicago, Steve is the CEO of Scansion and a professor at California College of the Arts and Co-founder of Montrose Pictures - an independent film and d... (Read more)