What will you learn?

  • • Learn the different stages of reading
  • • Understand reading
  • • Make the most of any book you read

This book is ideal for

  • • Students from all areas need to learn to read better to retain more information
  • • Readers who seek to enhance this hobby
  • • All people who want to read more and better

Who wrote the book?

Charles Van Doren is an American intellectual, writer, and publisher. He graduated from The High School of Music & Art, a bachelor of liberal arts degree from St. John's College, and a master's degree in astrophysics and a doctorate in English from Columbia University. Charles Van Doren was born into a family of literary tradition: he is the son of the poet, writer, and professor at Columbia University, Mark Van Doren, winner of the Pulitzer Prize in the category of poetry. His mother... (Read more)

Mortimer J. Adler was an Aristotelian philosopher and American writer. He promoted the idea that philosophy should be integrated with science, literature, and religion. In 2000, Adler was converted to Roman Catholicism and was baptized. The philosopher is the creator of the concept of Great Conversation. Adler directed his reading after learning that Mill had read Plato when he was only five years old, whereas he himself had not read anything about the Greek philosopher until then. A neighbor lent him a book by Plato and Adler was... (Read more)