Hackers & Painters - Critical summary review - Paul Graham

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Hackers & Painters - critical summary review

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ISBN: 978-1449389550

About the summary

We live in the computer age, and the world is increasingly being developed by computer scientists and programmers - the so-called hackers. Programming has become a key skill, and everyone seeks to become a hacker. But, after all, who are these people? What motivates you and why should you care? In Hackers & Painters, Paul Graham explains a little about this world and the people who create this paradigm shift in today's society. He lived the digital revolution on the skin. He founded a company with friends, raised investments, sold millions of dollars to Yahoo! and realized the dream of many programmers and hackers: to build a business and to spend his life programming and solving problems of its users. In this book, he also tells you why most people who do not understand programming tend to think programming is boring and repetitive. If you have already programmed, you know that programming is a creative process. For Paul, as well as artists, good programmers focus on creating new things from scratch, and the possibilities are virtually endless. This book is essential for anyone interested in programming, startups or wants to set up a technology company. Prepare your brushes.

Who wrote the book?

Paul Graham is an English essayist, author, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, computer scientist, and a visionary. He holds degrees in philosophy and computer science and i... (Read more)

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