eSCAPe - Critical summary review - Anik Singal

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eSCAPe - critical summary review

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Startups & Entrepreneurship

This microbook is a summary/original review based on the book: eSCAPe: THE FOUR STAGES OF BECOMING

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Publisher: Crown

Critical summary review


Not all people are predetermined to conquer the world with their crazy ideas. Perhaps, you should count yourself among the luckiest persons on this planet who have the decisive edge to go all the way. Beating the odds, it’s tough when you are on the verge of backing down and abandoning your dreams.

As far as entrepreneurship is concerned, the whole process is not exclusively “inherited” from successful individuals. As a gradual and steady refinement, many of these prominent figures showcased their dedication and put their eagerness upfront to prevail over fear.

Anik Singal offers a way out; an approach that doesn’t endorse “slipping” as a life-strategy.

Let’s delve into the essence of this masterpiece and explore its mysteries to the full extent!

Born as an Entrepreneur or Raised to Become One?

Many experts cannot find common grounds when it comes to this dilemma. Is it failure that sparks and speeds up the ascension? Let’s take it slowly and focus on how to handle these triggers that are making or breaking your entrepreneurial spirit.

The capitalist age requires individuals or associates whose mindset is fixated on serving someone else’s interests. According to Anik, entrepreneurship is not a profession, nor something that revolves around a certain area of expertise, but a mindset.

In other words – Every entrepreneur is someone who thrives on problem-solving — an individual who is not afraid to think outside the box and adjust its strategy along the way.

The idea of embarking on such a lucrative journey is presented in a formula:

Problem + Solution = Creates Value

Intrapreneurship is also growing in popularity, and if you still haven’t learned the ropes of it, don’t worry. As a process of fostering creativity within the ranks, many Top-Notch Brands achieved success and increased their profits.

As an illustration, let’s recall the creation of PlayStation. Ken Kutaragi, one of Sony’s designers, came up with a brilliant idea to improve the overall performance of video-gaming. He then managed to build a prototype of what would be later known as PlayStation.

Generally speaking, you don’t have to be on a lookout for a professional environment that fits your standards to boost your entrepreneurial spirit. You already have the tools at your disposal; you just have to make use of them.

The notion of analyzing the core of these actions gives you a glimpse into the 5-step process for reaching the sky:

  • Identify a problem or opportunity
  • Be creative and innovative
  • Boost your leadership and communication skills
  • Solve the issue as a unit
  • Create value for the end user

Overcome the Fear of Risk

How misguided is the community, when the entire process of risk-taking is attached to a negative connotation? At first glance, it seems like taking a defensive stance and using this attitude as a shield against potential predators in the business world.

Incompetence, as the author likes to call it, is not the cause which accelerates your downfall. The second problem that troubles the minds of many newbies in the realm of entrepreneurship is the lack of funding, support, skills, business models, marketing strategies…

Well, this seems like more than two problems, but quite frankly, it’s not even one.

Although these tendencies or issues give the impression of real and legit problems, they aren’t. Those little excuses you say to yourself on a daily basis, are not worthy of your time and effort. However, getting the better of this mindset is easier said than done. Most businesses fail in the first year, and the reason for this breakdown or collapse is not listed among the disadvantages presented earlier.

The term pivot alludes to what exactly? In the business world, it signifies your flexibility and openness to find a better solution, when the previously defined one has failed. It can also manifest your readiness to provide a better version of the existing offer or add a new division.

Gear Yourself Up for What is to Follow

Although more than half of the world’s population share aspirations and ambition to become entrepreneurs, only a small portion manages to break the ice. Can I become an Entrepreneur? – Is not a question you should pay heed to! We need to ask ourselves: Is it worth it for me to become an Entrepreneur?

This straightforward but powerful question can be further subdivided into other inquiries that you have to puzzle out, such as:

  • Is being an Entrepreneur applies to your character?
  • How hard are you willing to push yourself, to reach your desired destination?
  • Is it worth the time and energy?
  • Is it something you dream about daily?

Unlike people with full-time jobs, entrepreneurs allocate their time by using a different scheme. To them, time is even more precious than money, and their main priority is to optimize their daily schedule. To put it differently, money merely symbolizes the end product of time well-spent.

To entrepreneurs, the term investment is not tightly bounded to finding capital or raising money for some endeavors. Truthfully, they prefer to adopt a superior approach by stimulating money and financial processes to work for them, not vice versa.

To get the idea, let’s take a closer look at how employees and entrepreneurs perceive struggle:

  • Employee + no struggle = happy
  • Entrepreneur + struggle = progress

Diving into hard work to find a viable option for executing your plans, is similar to Weight-Lifting. It requires excessive training to keep up with the Age of endless modifications and progress.

The Four Stages—S.C.A.P

Each of the four stages is a separate process that requires your utmost commitment and focuses on comprehending the features of entrepreneurship. The following formula is created with an idea in mind to ease off the transition from employee to Entrepreneur:

Stage #1: Self

As the name implies, this stage lays emphasis on what is going on inside your mind, how you cope with pressure and are you ready to accept unlimited liability!? You don’t have to hash over every little detail, but it’s advisable to adopt the right mindset, patterns, and plans.

In other words, your actions must be brought into line with environmental expectations. If that’s not the case, you have to pivot and get back to the drawing board, to see what you are doing wrong. This stage mainly zooms in on the internal shifts and changes that may increase your chances of prospering as an Entrepreneur.

Stage #2: Catapult

Is your company gaining momentum, or showing signs of decline? Certain methodologies can help you overcome the early start-up problems every business faces. Sometimes we feel like the whole world is crashing down on our shoulders, and we need an extra hand.

To get the ball rolling, you have acknowledged the possibility of failure, over and over again. Take action, and remove the word “perfection” from your dictionary. Moreover, don’t wait for a miracle to happen, just work yourself up and make it happen! No more tomorrow, no more fear, no more success – no wait, what? You didn’t see that one coming, now did you?

Entrepreneurship is not built on the risk-reward system, but it leans on the try-fail mechanism.

Stage #3: Authority

Sadly, authority is not something incorporated into the minds of people from an early age. Leadership as its counterpart shares the same destiny. The structure of the system restricts talented individuals to grow and master these skills.

Authority as it is, speaks about your life-attitude, the strategies you apply when the ride gets bumpy, and the ideas you take into consideration to turn things around in your favor.

Don’t be a pushover, and stand your ground! You’ll never know how deep the water is until you get yourself wet! Indeed, you have to be hard on yourself, and become a self-accountable person, who can rise to the occasion. Moreover, raising the bar is in tight correlation with your overall behavior. So, start building up that leadership attitude today, which will help you to become selfless.

At the end of the day it all comes down to this recipe:

Calculated Risk + Great Idea = Success

Stage #4: People

Even if you are a self-taught entrepreneur, it’s impossible to do everything alone. In order for the ideas to materialize; you have to put an effort to assemble a skillful group of people to provide support in times of crisis. Having the wind at your back can only increase the overall performance and inject extra creativity into the project.

Creating or building these networks comes to the fore when the plan is moving slowly toward the phase of implementation. In the meantime, you have to sharpen your skills to deal with negative mindsets, and somehow help them to blend into the positive working atmosphere.

These stages compile the structure of handling various personalities:

  • Analyzing the People in Your Closest Circle
  • Expand Your Network
  • Negative People and How to Deal with Them
  • Ask Questions, Seek Answers
  • Mentoring

It all comes to changing the default mind-settings that we’ve unconsciously embraced over the years. Truly, that’s not a piece of cake, but it’s a path that yields excellent results and return on investment in terms of finances, time and energy.

The development of the e-SCORE quiz stands to reason why you should at least consider digging down and identifying what’s stopping you from exploiting your hidden potential. If you are determined to set sail to find new entrepreneurial shores, you have to get insights into your current state on the Entrepreneurial scale.

Final Notes

Monitoring the situation and supervising the actual project can drain you of all your energy. Nonetheless, the road to success is paved with the right approach, management, and constant modifications. If you can put all pieces together, you’ll not only defeat the odds but also control the outcome of future endeavors.

You mustn’t submit to the overall principles, which the society tries to impose on the general population. You are allowed to build your road and climb the ladder of prosperity.

Gauge your level of competence, and gear yourself up with the right mentality.

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Who wrote the book?

Anik Singal is a medical school-dropout-turned-successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Bloomberg’s Businessweek put him on the Top 3 Entrepreneurs Under 25. Since then, he held trainin... (Read more)

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