What will you learn?

  • • Discover the history behind ideas that have changed the world, Understand how good ideas come up, Understand what is possible adjassing, Prepare to have good ideas by understanding where they see, Learn how Platforms enable innovation, Understand the role of error and success in creating great innovations

This book is ideal for

  • • Creative (or non-creative) people who need inspiration to have innovative ideas
  • • Entrepreneurs who seek to understand the role of error and correct creation of great innovations
  • • All people who want to increase productivity

Who wrote the book?

Steven Berlin Johnson is a North American science writer, born in 1968. He holds a semiotic degree from Brown University and an English Literature from Columbia University. Johnson is the author of nine books, largely on science, technology, and personal experience. He also co-created some influential sites, among them: FEED's pioneering online magazine, the Webby Community Website Awa... (Read more)