What will you learn?

  • • Find out how Salesforce has generated more than $ 100 million in new revenue with an innovative approach
  • • Learn how to use emails to connect with the right person in your prospect
  • • Learn why you should specialize in your sales team
  • • Discover the 3 roles of winning b2b sales teams

This book is ideal for

  • • New and old companies that need to improve communication with the customer
  • • entrepreneurs and executives who want to accelerate sales in the corporate market
  • • Leaders who need to improve their sales teams

Who wrote the book?

Aaron Ross is one of the world's top b2b / SaaS sales specialists. He worked for the Salesforce.com team when he discovered a lead generation process that generated more than $ 100 million in sales for the company. In 2002 he joined Salesforce (CRM), the largest SaaS company in the world, and created a small group of people to create a new approach to prospecting. He not only did his job well, but he also managed to add $ 100 million to the company's revenue in only a fe... (Read more)

Marylou Tyler is a founder of Strategic Pipeline, a consulting group that specializes in outbound process improvement for Fortune 1000 companies. Her client list includes companies such as Apple, Bose... (Read more)