Inner Engineering

Jaggi Vasudev (Sadhguru) Also available in audiobook: Download our app for free listening.

Unlike the clearly defined self-help classics, Sadhguru takes the high road by merging both theory and practicality.

Whatever you come across in this book will be just the life the author has been living and wants to share that blissful state with the rest of the world.

It puts people's habits under heavy scrutiny and attempts to lift the veil on the decisions which puncture every form of optimism.  

Sometimes, our behavior is out of keeping with traditional standards, and we tend to flare up pretty quickly.

As a response, one must keep plugging away regardless of the setbacks that emerge along this journey. It comes as no surprise that the book is actually divided into two main sections:

  • Terrain
  • Map

It symbolically illustrates a person's ability to find its bearings and skim through life with greater confidence and ease.

But, what's the core message? - Let's dig into it a bit more!

Get Off to a Flying Start

Sadhguru reminisces about the skepticism he has endorsed as a young boy mostly targeted at the supernatural. He asserts that blindfold believers can never achieve peace without the notion of doubt and contemplation.

The wildness boiling in his heart prevented him from filling in the shoes of an "average" young boy. Nonetheless, I have managed to balance the balance in his favor by practicing yoga.

It was a simple and effective way to approach life, and reproach those whose actions were not in line with their intentions.   

They say when the student is ready, the master will appear, and so it went. Jaggi laid eyes upon Malladihalli Swami who was an experienced yogi and marveled at the sight. It was at that moment, Jaggi's life trajectory shifted into the new unexplored wilderness and genuine knowledge.

This simple yoga- called angamardana was obviously the first step.

But not even yoga was powerful enough to quench his thirst for real knowledge. Upon graduating from college, Jaggi was all but done! He has crisscrossed the Southern Part of India on a motorcycle and decided to finance his dream by opening up the poultry farm.

His father shared his concerns due to the fact that most of his friends became engineers, doctors, successful entrepreneurs, while Jaggi was wasting his potential.

After a period of aimless wandering, Jaggi came to the conclusion that the ultimate intelligence was all that matters.

He recognized the true form of creation and the real power of existence which melted into the spring of compassion. That "real-self" that is ingrained within us is mainly left unexplored due to various reasons, and it seems like we are not even curious to open the box.

Many ponder about the possibility of transforming one's frame of mind into something more profound. The divine nature of human existence is the backbone for happiness, but often times not within reach. In reality, a person needs to adjust his priorities in order to harness the power of the universe.

Most people nowadays struggle to break out from depression, and money does not seem to be a long-term solution. The idea of sustaining a peaceful state fades away with each passing moment because we can not seem to hold our ground.

It seems as if we are becoming adrenaline junkies who misinterpret happiness and bliss.

Unlike biological evolution, spiritual development relies on conscious actions made possible through various triggers all linked to willingness.

Control Your Destiny

How often do you use the word "destiny"? Sadhguru likes to point out that people do not just abuse it but also misuse it by putting personal perspective into it.

For instance, when someone is addressing the issue of poverty, people who have the means to fill their belly each and every day, rarely take concrete actions to eradicate poverty. To put it differently, they every now and then attribute this predicament to "destiny" or whatever term springs into their minds.

Another example is "The Black Death," which according to Europeans back then was a punitive measure enforced by God. In fact, it originated from Asia, brought suffering and decimated the population of Europe.

You see now the corrupt misinterpretation of "destiny" which embodies confusion and fearfulness.

Even unconsciously we are in charge of our own destiny, to say the least. It's a decision you can not refrain from taking, or simply cast it aside. It has a pivotal role in one's life and is entwined with many separate aspects such as cultural, traditional, philosophical and religious values.

According to Sadhguru, if you take control over your body, you'll have approximately 15-20% control over your life. If that same applies to your mind, you'll have 50-60% control. In order to have full control over your life, you must master the life energies which flow in all directions.  

Many people believe that taking control refers to having almost monopoly over your surroundings. Not everything will work to your benefit, but there is an increasing chance of you being the lucky winner on the receiving end, regardless of how things appear on the outside.

It's you who needs fixing, not the world!

When real knowledge begins pouring into your mind, you'll realize the necessity for yoga.

For exactly this reason, yogis are burning with desire to go deeper and deeper until they find their limitless unrestrained self. It comes as a shock to no one's that people always live in a state of perpetual inability to subdue their urges for more.

It's the reality of the threefold parallelism introduced through the Body, Mind, and Energy principle. Yoga also tells us a great deal about the layers or bodies that compose the human existence.

  • Annamayakosha, represents the physical body
  • Manomayakosha, represents the mental body
  • Pranamayakosha, represents the energy body
  • Vignanamayakosha, represents the etheric body
  • Anandamayakosha, represents the blissful state

Critical Synthesis

It's about time you take a strong stance against the shallow notions that once were your go-to strategies for life. By exploring the depths of yoga, and the aspects linked to it, you'll get a bird's eye view of the decision-making which fuels your depression.


The body represents the physical part of one's innateness. To some extent, it is also labeled as a machine, which is one part of the entire existence. You can perceive it from different angles, but not one can discard its connection with the divine.

It's pretty obvious that the body is designed to function without any specifications from the "doer." It is a source in itself, and no external action is required. Therefore, the sum and substance of life are embedded into the body.

Sadhguru claims that the extent to which you understand your physical processes. As a matter of fact, if you wish to accelerate the evolutionary process - hatha yoga is the answer.

  • Ha - denotes the sun
  • Tha - denotes the moon

If you change what you seek, then you have to mold yourself more inwardly. Tame that aggressiveness before you decide to take a step further in exploring the depths of the yogis.


There's an ambiguous hypothesis about the structure of the mind. The most accurate depiction of the functioning of the human mind is the one linked to a circus show. Even though it seems like a mess, it's perfectly orchestrated chaos enforced by the hands of those responsible.

So, how come we can not change the default settings? Moreover, why is the mind transformed into this wild beast that acts as an instrument which induces misery?

The sad truth is that we exert ourselves in all possible ways to improve our well-being but not to avail.  

When it comes to internal phenomena, you have all the power in the world to act as the master of them, but that does not apply to external elements and factors. So, yoga helps you balance these two contradicting forces that act one, while assisting you in overcoming the two types of suffering: physical and mental.

On top of that, yoga hastens the journey toward finding the everlasting truth and throws light upon ahankara - an axis around which all of the intellectual abilities spin.

With that being said, you can now understand why the people are willing and motivated to apply Gnana yoga or other forms of contemplation, can be counted on one's fingers.


Scientific branches have evolved and expanded through mathematical deduction and equations. Religion, on the other hand, is linked to one's belief system. While yoga is a tough nut to crack that can not be understood through deduction or belief because it's purely based on experience.

Humanity in all its essence is bounded to evolvement and expression which to some extent represents the ultimate intelligence or source that we are.

Even though most of the people do not know, the single purpose of every human being is not to become respected, but to dwell in unity. The life energies ought to guide you to reach the infinite, and making it your core philosophy.

Other more superficial and materialistic longings may occur along the way, but those energies will never overwhelm you.

Slowly, you'll be able to veer towards your true identity and accept the life forces which are an integral part of this process.


Joy is becoming a corrupt term associated with momentary excitement or adrenaline. Although the world has evolved in every respect, the resources we nurture can only take us to the door, while the individual must open the gates.

The bottom line is, happiness seems as distant as ever.

People have exerted themselves in order to address every issue under God's blue heaven, but they still struggle to find the missing link to joy. There is a way out of this misery, and that is by turning inwardly and refuse to accept the social constructs imposed upon you.

To be labeled or described as a yogi, you must understand the union of existence and live in a state of total bliss freed from any restriction whatsoever.

Final Notes

It's needless to say that people share an inclination toward problem-solving and getting the best out of this life.

Sometimes we are clueless, but most of the time we just make the wrong moves.

Through yoga, one can really take a sneak peek into its deep fears and desires which pull the strings and prompt a person to act in a given manner.

If you slide towards conscious outlook of life, you will get the upper hand in handling potential twists while remaining protective of your blissful aura.

That being said, Sadhguru through his YouTube lectures, and books endeavors to help the world to see life through the lens of an awakened person.

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