#AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur's Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness

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Famous radio broadcaster Gary Vee answers some of the questions on his famous radio show and exposes readers to the way they work. Gary Vee shows how your personal and professional life can blend in if you're willing to work hard and still have a good home life with your family.

If you have not started your business or if you already have your own company, this book can help you. If you do not consider yourself an adventurer or an entrepreneur, he will also help you. '#AskGaryVee' features a collection of advice given by Gary Vee on various walks of life, and how you can succeed in all of them.

Clouds and earth metaphors

Gary Vee says he spends all his time in 'clouds or on earth.' 'Clouds' are his philosophical beliefs that are at the center of his personal and professional life. 'The earth' is the place where his philosophies meet him, as a practitioner. If you can religiously follow some basic beliefs, then everything else will fit.

Gary Vee follows these 'clouds,' which are similar to almost every entrepreneur and are listed below:

  • Bring value to the customer
  • Provide 51% of value in all relationships
  • Play the life value game
  • Never let smart work replace hard work
  • Keeping people first
  • Practice patience
  • Earth means noticing changes in your space, and discovering how to take advantage of them before anyone else.
  • Successful entrepreneurs are those who get involved at a frantic pace; they are experimenting with platforms and trying risky things. These people understand their clouds, but they are not afraid of a little earth.
  • Great leaders learn how to prioritize in the right way, and quickly identify what drives them further. This means knowing your business and your craft. Gary has already sat down with countless people claiming to be social networking experts and noticed huge holes in his knowledge or philosophy.

The secret of success

People today have unlimited access to knowledge. The internet has brought a gigantic change in our society. Entrepreneurs have all the benefits of connectivity, and you can build a business with it.

People are looking for value, and there are two things that bring value to entertainment and utility.

Luck helps, but it is not the main ingredient for success. Many people with little success keep talking about how lucky they need to succeed. Luck is not the secret of success. Success is a balance between DNA, trust, and willpower.

The best way to become who you want is to work hard for it.

If you just started a business, do not be tempted to focus on just her name. Do not worry about creating a perfect name. A good name has merit, but if the product has no power, a good name will not help.

You need to excel to succeed. And the secret to standing out anywhere has nothing to do with your name; differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Looking for knowledge the right way

Gary Vee was fascinated by the lack of connection between one's education level and his success in the business world. He believes that the system of American universities has lost its purpose in today's business world, where changes happen quickly. Many students are forced into university by their parents. They force their children into an inhospitable ecosystem, and to take on high debts.

In addressing the question of how we should teach at universities, Vee says he believes students should simply talk about what comes to mind. That means they will be saying the right things, but not practicing them. What is worse, the world sees these words and sees no results and thinks that knowledge is useless.

Do not be a student, be practical. Wanting to be an entrepreneur and being one, are completely different things.

To teach this new generation, you must know their world, and be able to speak through it.

Look for a mentor, but you must remember that people are busy and mentoring takes time. Your first step in looking for a mentor is to find out what values ​​you can bring as well.

Business and Family

If you do not want to close your business, learn to control your emotions in every decision. The more romantic you are in your business decisions, the greater your chance of failure.

It is crucial for entrepreneurs to be free to execute their visions. Sometimes family obligations can occupy 70% of your time. Success is not a game. If your family takes up too much of your time, you can still succeed in your business.

On family business, do not forget that a father's job is not to prepare his son to live his dream, but to prepare him to live his dream.

Raising children with technology

As a business leader, it is advantageous for you to create a work environment where employees feel good about themselves. Improving everyone's trust creates a happier, more creative and risk-taking environment.

Gary Vee believes he has something valuable to offer to anyone who is a potential entrepreneur, or anyone interested in helping guide the next generation of leaders. He has earned this trust from his parents, who have created him as a new entrepreneur, and that is how he is raising his children.

Parents should stop acting as if the technology were an intruder in the lives of their children. Technology is their life. Worrying about the fact that technology will steal the pleasures of your childhoods is illogical. And it's too early to tell what social networks will look like when your kids grow up. There is no way to predict what kind of limitations or rules will be important in the future in this regard.

Fight for your business

Fighting is the difference between success and failure, not talent. Many talented people do not fight. Many people with less talent can strive for success.

The struggle is the easiest and tangible entrepreneurial quality because it puts you in control of the situation.

The steps to define your fight should be:

Maximize the energy you put into the things that drive you

Enjoy every part of that energy to the maximum, every day

Put all your effort to reach your goal

Make every minute worth it

You can not market something that you do not know; you need to know if this product is really good. You must learn how to develop and feel the product, and use reverse engineering to find out if the product is valuable to consumers.

Since the emergence of YouTube, many people think they can enter the site and build a personal brand without having some product. You need to have some knowledge to build your brand. You must have done something to be considered a valuable expert.

Fighting means adjusting to business opportunities and adjusting to life as things change. You can become struggling, and for this, you need to be inspired.

Ideas are insignificant without any execution. Any idea that you think good does not mean anything if you do not execute it. Having passion is very good and having creativity is incredible, but if you do not put things into practice, none of this matters.

Maintaining quality content

What defines quality content:

Appeals to emotions

It is shareable

It was created for the platform you are using

It draws people's attention

Snapchat is a gold mine of opportunity for any team and brand that wants to create real relationships and build loyalty with its young fans.

Delaying your content means that your strategy is to find a value for you, not the customer. Do not do this, you need to deliver value to your customer, and only then will you deliver value to your company.

If you want to sell ads and encourage people to spend more time on your site, you need to do this organically.

Supermarkets put essential things away from the front doors so that consumers enter the aisles and see other goods. They try to put other items in their line of sight, but they also do not make it difficult to pick up the basic items. Do not make it difficult for your consumers to get what they want. Put quality content daily.

Punches and right hooks

To sell well, you must ask the right things at the right times. Vee uses the 'punch and right hook' method to help solidify sales experiences.

Punches: it's the content you put that entertains, distracts, attracts, informs and engages your audience.

Right Hooks: It's the content that you put that brings the sales. It's content that offers 10% off or announces a new product line, or simply says, "Buy my stuff."

Most people do not use punches or even generate value before giving a right hook. These people are interested in sales and do not offer consistent value.

Other sales advice:

Ask what the customer wants.

Learn about Facebook Ads

Use Twitter

Use LinkedIn

Never disguise a sale. Give when you need to give, be authentic. The key to great sales is to get consumers to talk about you. There are two ways to do this:

Make a good product

Be direct about what you want from the customer

Instagram is an excellent source of 'right hooks.' Get creative, attract people to your profile, add links, and convert your right hooks.

Remember that the punch in Pinterest is completely different from a punch on Twitter. A right hook will not work if it is reused from Facebook. Make personalized content for each social network, do not reuse your content across multiple networks; this will not work.

Finally, keep in mind that punches build your brand and make people know you, know who you are and what you stand for. This opens up an opportunity to use a right hook.

Social Networks

The secrets to the success of a social network are:

Conquer the young market

Be extremely helpful

All social networks have the potential to be extremely valuable. But it will be even more valuable to you if you get there first and get your name before the masses show up.

Vee uses an unknown platform for five or seven months so that when it's valuable, it's already there.

One secret is that people care less about the value they earn from followers and more on the value of engagement.

Facebook did a great job with their data so that it was relevant to the interests of users. Twitter is very moving, and these days it is very difficult to get noticed there.

Facebook ADS

Facebook has grown and developed products for advertisers in recent years. Looking at the data and results of Facebook's advertising campaigns, Gary Vee was optimistic and acknowledged that Facebook ads would change things.

When Facebook began to change its algorithms, people were nervous that they could not exploit the capabilities of the new ads.

The only way to get good at something is to practice. You can review articles, texts, blogs, and videos on how to use Facebook, but you will never succeed until you start using it and see how it works.

Facebook is one of the most powerful social networks. And you should be spending money using your ad campaigns.

Influence marketing

A person's passion and personality can influence a brand. An influencer is someone with a public profile. If you have 13 or 13 million followers it does not matter; you are an influencer for someone.

Influence marketing is exploding. But even with all the thousands of dollars being spent on it, that space is still undervalued.

Over the next three years, corporations will give large amounts of money to help individuals make the brand known on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, and many others that do not yet exist.

Influencers are very powerful because they can not only create content but can create a meaningful distribution of that content.

The only thing that separates marketing from influence from all other marketing channels is that you pay for content and distribution as if they were the same item.

It's crazy not to be present on any platform your client uses. This also includes the platforms your customer will be using in the next 24 months.

Do not make escuses, make changes

Getting bored and having a boring story is not an excuse. Getting bored means you have to change how you tell the story. "A white lawyer defends a black man in a southern town," this story is not at all interesting unless you change some things, To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the most famous books in the United States and tells that story. You can tweak your content in an interesting way to tell your story.

If you ask yourself how to make your story less boring, your problem is not your content but your mindset.

If your content is heavy and serious, you can not make it lighter. But you can make it simple and easy to absorb.

How NGO's and institutions of charity should work

NGOs and charities are companies that have the most difficulty using social networks. Many of these companies try to solicit donations without even knowing the other organizations or people.

NGOs and charities need to do everything the other companies are doing:


To listen

Create dialog

Solve problems

Build Relationships

Tell stories


Whether you are the three-person boss or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company does not matter, everything that happens in your company is the CEO's fault.

Effective leaders practice and model the desired behavior they want others to copy. Effective leaders also learn to always ask questions.

No matter how you look at it, the culture of a company is completely dependent on the person in control. So if you need to change that culture, start by changing the leadership of the company.

Leaders need to focus on two key points to lead their employees.


Pay attention to them

Changing to a leadership role can be more challenging than performing a task as a leader. And finally, a rule that all leaders need to learn: depth is more important than width.

Managing hires and time

The best way to hire employees is to follow these simple steps:

Go to the Twitter search and look for people who are doing what you already do

Look for the most promising candidates

Send emails and see if they are interested in changing

Interview five people and hire one of them

If you stand before two equally qualified candidates, use these two thoughts:

Two people may not be equally qualified for the same job

If both people are great, hire the two

Ask at all interviews: where would you like your career to lead you?

Employee meetings can become more productive if you can cut them in half. Dialing an hour or thirty minutes for a meeting can give the same result. You always fill time with something. So shortening the time produces the same work and saves you thirty minutes.

Make your assistant control your time. If you can not have a wizard, use mobile apps to help you manage your time.


Entrepreneurs struggle with investments. You're so used to leading everything, which watching someone do the hard work is hard.

Investors need to do these three things every day:

Read the Redef

Start following Techmeme

Check the iTunes Store every morning to see the most downloaded paid apps

You need to remember that the leader does not always win when playing someone else's game. You may not invest in the next Google, Facebook or Amazon, and not succeed.

When you need to decide to invest or not, make sure the idea is good not just on paper, and that the idea is in good hands. Always value the reward over risk.

Seek self-knowledge

If you could create a formula for generating gratitude, empathy, and self-awareness, it would be worth billions of dollars. Self-consciousness is one of the reasons why Gary Vee says what he thinks because he knows himself.

Ask people to tell you what their strengths and weaknesses are. This is a trick that can help you a lot.

Have a good mood because it breaks down tensions and makes people feel good.

You do not have to promote yourself to be successful. Mark Zuckerberg, Evan Williams, Kevin Systrom and David Karp have not done so, and are introverted leaders.

And finally, stop doing things that make you unhappy.

Speaking well in public

If you've done a good job building your brand, people will start asking you to give talks. It's a lot of fun, and it can be lucrative as well.

Talk about what you know. Do not let people draw you into a discussion on a topic that you do not find interesting or do not know very well.

Being yourself is your secret weapon for good public speaking.

About music

Musicians need to implement strategic content on social networks to make their brands and projects known.

Musicians struggle because they consider their art a priority. Do not forget your audience. Show them how much you care. Do things for him, connect to him on social networks; enjoy the tools that other generations have not had access to.

Your brand should be where your audience is. If you're not on Snapchat, YouTube, Vine, Instagram and SoundCloud, you do not exist for the young twentysomething or less. Listen to your audience and produce good content.

About sports

Business and tennis have some points in common. Each game consists of games and sets, and even when you're losing, you have not lost the game. You can still watch your opponent and take advantage of his weaknesses.

Entrepreneurs, as well as tennis players, need to have an emotional composure to make continuous adjustments and return to play.

Mike Tyson once said, "Everyone has a plan until they take a punch in the face."

About Wines

There has been a major revolution in the wine market since so much new came about because of technology and social networking.

Gary Vee suggests a few wines for you that enjoy drinking alone on a Friday night:

2012 Bertolani Spergalino Secco Colli Di Scandiano Di Canossa Frizzante

2013 Girotondo Chardonnay Delle Venezi

2012 Mesa Giunco ​​Vermentino

2014 Costa Alessandro Roero Arneis

About Weddings

Advice for anyone who wants to get married:

Think about your legacy

Swallow the offenses

Show your feelings

Run after what you want

These boards can be used for a wedding and business as well.

Relationships are everything. Work hard to create relationships with all kinds of people. You never know what relationship can bring you some benefit.

Final Notes

Learn to apply this advice from Gary Vee, and be as successful as he was, both at work and at home with your family.

If you want to be a good leader you need to learn to listen, motivate and pay attention to your subordinates. Also, take advantage of technology and social networks, which are present in today's world as never before.

Conquer your audience and learn to use the technological tools in your favor! That way you will achieve success much sooner than you think.

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